How to Apply

These instructions apply to community college students only:

UCSB undergraduates please contact the program coordinator (

Part I - Application Process & Transcript Upload

  1. A completed online application form.
  2. Short Responses: You will respond to the writing prompts AFTER completing the application form. See the short response prompts below.
  3. Military Experience (only for veterans)
  4. Unofficial college transcripts, from all colleges you have attended in PDF format. Each file must be a PDF less than 3MB.
  5. One letter of recommendation from a faculty advisor, course instructor, TA or employer (one who is familiar with your scientific skills). You may submit two letters for consideration. 
  6. You must submit all of the following parts of your application packet by the deadline in order for your PIPELINES application to be considered.

Short Response Writing Prompts 

Answers to the following three writing prompts are required for the Short Response section. The fourth prompt is optional. Your answers should be no more than 500 words for each prompt:

  • Discuss your interest in science and the qualities you possess that will make you a good scientist. What have you done, both in and out of the classroom, that demonstrates your motivation and interest in science? Give specific, recent examples. Be sure to include a mention of participation in undergraduate achievement programs (ex. CAMP, MESA, SACNAS) or student organizations.
  • Describe how this internship program will help you reach your current educational and career aspirations. 
  • Please list any additional information not asked above that would give the reviewers an idea of the context, scope, and perhaps scale with which you have worked on projects or teams. If you are a military veteran, please include examples from your time in the military.
  • We acknowledge that every student has had unique life experiences that may not be captured in the above questions. The selection committee is interested in learning more about extenuating circumstances you have encountered throughout your journey. If you do not wish to add anything here, please write "N/A".

TIP: Prepare your Short Responses ahead of time and make sure it is well written, less than 500 words, and contains all the requested information. You may want to prepare it as a document and then cut and paste into the text boxes.

Military Experience (only for veterans)

To help us determine your transferable skills in a civilian STEM setting, please answer the following questions. Your response need not be comprehensive but can be highlights of your experience. Additionally, the better you can explain your job responsibilities the easier it is to evaluate your application.

  • Please indicate your final rank and military branch upon discharge from active and/or reserve service.
  • Please indicate which years you served (YYYY-YYYY).
  • Please indicate your activities/responsibilities/duties while in service.

Transcript Upload

Once you have submitted your application form you will be directed to a new page to upload your transcripts. You may have your transcripts ready prior to beginning the application form or save the link and submit your transcripts later.

Part II - Letter of Recommendation

One letter of recommendation is required, but up to two may be submitted. The recommendation should be written by someone who is familiar with your scientific skills (e.g., faculty advisor, course instructor, or employer). You will provide the name(s) and email(s) of the people you have asked to submit a recommendation for you on your application form. When you submit your application form, an email will be automatically sent to your recommenders to request a recommendation for you. Please be sure to provide accurate contact information.  All recommendations must be submitted through the PIPELINES portal.  If your recommender does not receive the request from us, please ask them to email <> for an additional form.

Email Correspondence

ALL correspondence with applicants will be via email, including award decisions. You will receive email confirmations for each part of your application, save those emails so you can use the links to access your application packet and edit or submit or resubmit until the application due date. 

Please check your email frequently and add the PIPELINES email (  

Please note that research internships will be in-person and all participants must be vaccinated.

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