Arianna Arias


I am from Ventura County and attend Moorpark College in an effort to pursue an engineering degree. During the summer of 2017, I participated in PIPELINES and worked at Naval Facilities Engineering and Expeditionary Warfare Center in the OCEANS Department. I currently work in the Physics and Engineering Department at Moorpark College as a lab specialist. These work experiences have allowed me to develop technical and communication skills that are beneficial for the future.

Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher is a senior at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo next fall having transferred from Ventura College this past fall. She worked on the PIPELINES Concrete Team in the summer of 2017. She has had some experience in construction management in the major remodel of her 1920's home in Ventura under an owner/builder permit. She is going to continue at Cal Poly to obtain her master's degree in structural engineering.

Rodrigo Gonzalez


I am currently pursuing a mechanical engineering degree. I served in the Navy for 6 years with the NAVAIR department. Last summer, I was part of the PIPELINES summer internship. My team and I worked on recreating components of the ELCAS in modern CAD software to determine its ability to bear new equipment loads. This project helped to push myself and it expanded my knowledge of mechanical engineering work.

Daniel La


I was born and raised in South Orange County. I am currently in my second year at UCSB, studying Mechanical Engineering. Last summer I was a part of both the PIPELINES and the NREIP program. I worked at Naval Base Port Hueneme in the Expeditionary department of NAVFAC. There I assisted in recreating and analyzing components of their Elevated Causeway System (ELCAS-M), and also helped design a new component for them to use. The PIPELINES program gave me valuable experience, allowing me a glimpse into real world industry as well as learning new skills and how to present my information in an efficient manner. 

Anne Trueblood


I'm a desert native who moved to coastal Ventura to pursue a degree in Electrical Engineering. During PIPELINES I was in NAVFAC EXWC Oceans Department working to design and prototype a small buoy platform. I brought my programming skills to the team to streamline the interpretation of our test data. Outside of engineering, the internship's focus on technical communication has improved my presentations for Psychology classes.


Amy Duggal


I'm a military veteran with 6 years of honorable service in the US Navy Seabees, currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry. After graduation, I hope to either work for a company where I can utilize my lab skills or further my education. At CI, I'll be working on synthesis of lactam ring peptidomimetics as potential tools to study protein- protein interactions. These research experiences have broadened my knowledge on cutting edge technology and options for the future.

Carolina Espinoza


I was born and raised in sunny Oxnard. I attended Ventura College before I transferred over to University of California, Santa Barbara to study chemical engineering. While at UCSB I have joined the Nguyen research group where my project focuses on the temperature effects on exciton diffusion length in organic semiconductors. I participated in PIPELINES the summer of 2016. My group worked on Corrosion Resistant Reinforced Concrete for Marine Environments with guidance from our navy mentor Justin Foster and our graduate student mentor Brent Goodlet.

Marshall Laminen


My major is Manufacturing Systems Engineering. I am attending Cal State Northridge to earn my Bachelor’s degree. I was born and raised in Ventura County. Last year I was in the PIPELINES program and worked at NAVFAC EXWC in the Oceans Department. My groups project was designing a buoy tether that incorporated fiber optic cable. In my free time; I enjoy riding my bike, DIY projects, and spending time with my wife.   

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