• Sea Range team receiving award
  • Full PIPELINES Program
  • Full PIPELINES Program

Accelerating Warfighter Support via Web-Based Tools


Project Description

The goal of our research is to investigate web-based tools’ utility in speeding up military development, viz. Jira Workflow software and intranet Sharepoint websites. This study is important because it demonstrates promise in accelerating the rate of military technological advancement and proliferation, and represents a paradigm shift in the methods and infrastructure used for such ends. To test our hypothesis we have deployed a single Division Sharepoint site, and additionally a pilot program workflow which encompasses a department-level project to acclimate leadership to Jira workflows. If either or both prove useful to their respective project managers, we anticipate project acceleration up to 300%. This is extrapolated from existing research data which suggests that the transition to Agile Workflows (the primary focus of our Jira tools) improves outcomes by as much. Our findings thus far support this conclusion as the Sea Range aims to reduce its development cycle by such factor once our work is fully integrated; however, more research is needed.

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