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Automated Corrosion Testing Fixture


Project Description

The Automated Corrosion Testing Fixture provides an enhanced testing interface to autonomously subject samples to a simulated ocean environment. The goals for this project support the continued advancement of the fixture; redesigning the graphical user interface (GUI), engineering a drainage filtration system, and performing corrosion tests. The GUI was updated through the use of Visual Studio Code software, implemented with Python. The filtration system was designed in SolidWorks and assembled using off–the–shelf components. Corrosion testing was postponed because of its contingency on completion of the two aforementioned goals. The updated GUI and filtration system have significantly increased usability and accessibility of the fixture. These contributions will allow for both more precise and custom testing, while reducing the amount of human error. Continuous improvement of the testing fixture directly supports the Navy’s serious effort to combat corrosion across many departments and applications.

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