A New Maritime Buoy Pump System for Refueling Operations


Project Description

The Navy currently uses the Offshore Petroleum Discharge System to fuel their assault missions. This linear system consists of a singular fuel barge and hose that transports fuel to our troops stationed on hostile beachfronts. The large size of the barge makes the whole system vulnerable to adversary disruption. To mitigate this problem, we propose to use a system of Maritime Buoy Pump platforms that are low-profile and equipped with a three-point anchor system, fuel caches, and a pump. A network of these platforms are deployed offshore in a hostile environment, where their small size makes them more difficult to detect. This increases the integrity of the fueling operation. One of the challenges when deploying these platforms is ensuring that the mooring chains and hose do not entangle due to current and wind forces. For this reason, our team has designed a bearing system in the undercarriage of the platform that allows the base to rotate freely. The hose will connect to the platform via a swivel to ensure that it does not entangle with the anchor lines. The Maritime Buoy Pump platform will facilitate ship-to-shore operations in hostile environments, thereby allowing the Navy to safely and discretely resupply onshore troops with the fuel they need.

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