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Securing IoT Devices


Project Description

The SLICT (Secure Linux Integrated Configuration Tool) software offers system administrators easy access to enable network security of IoT devices. This tool presents the user with configuration options to apply to an IP address to personalize security features on a system. Our development of the tool focuses on extending the ability to connect devices automatically without needing to hardwire the device. Our software is tested using dry runs that check to ensure the security features function properly before being implemented on a device. Some of the findings as a result of testing include: the majority of IoT devices are compatible with our software, IoT devices require certain linux operating systems to be supported, and the installation of SSH keys authorizes the tool to operate. The SLICT tool solves the problem of human error that can occur when manually configuring devices to a network by using automation through Ansible software. The potential of data leakage significantly decreases with implementation of the security features in our tool. We concluded that automation for network configuration can be applied to a wide range of devices and provide optional security features for each device. Navy system administrators will benefit from SLICT through the capability to enhance the security of IoT devices remotely.

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