In-Water Refueling Station for UUV's


Project Description

Unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV) can stay submerged for a long time without the risk of endangering human lives. Refueling continues to be a challenge because it requires time and resources to resurface from the ocean for refueling. The goal of the project is to develop an in-water refueling station that can be operated autonomously and produce hydrogen gas only when it is needed, which is crucial for saving time and resources. An electrolysis stack will be used to separate deionized water into hydrogen and oxygen gas. To achieve autonomic control of the station, the ladder logic diagram was created to showcase the control structure. Furthermore, mathematical analysis was performed to find the time it required to increase the water temperature by 10℃ and its correlation between the time and the volume of water. The project will continue to develop as we gather the components that are needed for building and testing a prototype.


UCSB California NanoSystems InstituteNAVFACONRz-NAVAIRC-NAVSEA