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Disinfection Systems to Promote Worker Safety


Project Description

Mishap Prevention and hazard Abatement (MPHA) seeks to maintain a repository of technologies that mitigate COVID-19 and other contagions. Technologies that work in office spaces commonly utilize UV-C or Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) for disinfection. Five off-the-shelf systems are assessed and ranked based on percentage of disinfection of four marked zones, cost per square foot of disinfection, safety and ease of installation. Testing is conducted inside of a classroom in Building 325 on Port Hueneme Naval Base using UV-C test cards, H2O2 gas tests, and agar contact plates to measure bacteria colony counts. UV-C test cards show no exposure to UV-C energy greater than <25mJ/cm2 25mJ/cm2insert number here> for UV-C systems. Agar plates display less bacteria growth closer to the system and increasing growth farther away. These result are used to create a plan of implementation NBVC Port Hueneme Building 1000 by optimizing system placement to get the most disinfection for the least cost.

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