Expeditionary Ladder Kit Design


Project Description

The Navy has two underwater construction teams (UCTs) that deploy divers to work on projects from different types of platforms such as piers, wharves, and vessels. Because the team transitions in and out of water, a user-friendly ladder kit is required. Unfortunately, the current technology needs to be improved because it does not adequately meet expeditionary needs. For example, the current ladder is a welded, one-piece 30-foot ladder that requires a truck and forklift to setup, thus requiring additional resources. To help improve this technology and rectify these problems, the design team’s objective is to create a modular ladder kit that is easy to set up. Our team designed a ladder kit that was inspired by customer interviews, current and commercial ladders. In addition, the design team brainstormed and modified designs to test compatibility, strength, and adaptability. After further research and discussions, our team designed a ladder kit that will be the foundation for the final design. Our custom ladder kit is compact, by being composed of sections for easy transport, and is mounted at an angle in order to reduce the effort to exit the water. Thus, the ladder kit design, if manufactured, will benefit the divers by allowing them to safely and productively complete their projects with minimal risk along with creating a marketable product for the general public.

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